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The aim of Root Canal Treatment is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury. This is achieved by cleaning out any debris and infected tissue inside the tooth and then sealing it.

You may need Root Canal Treatment if you are suffering from toothache, painful tooth sensitivity to hot or cold, or pain in the gum surrounding a particular tooth. These symptoms may also indicate that other treatments are needed, however. This means that you should always see your dentist for an examination as soon as any of these symptoms are noticed.

Many millions of teeth each year are saved from extraction by having Root Canal Treatment. Most people prefer to save their natural tooth because generally it will function better than an artificial tooth. A natural tooth is usually stronger and more efficient for biting and chewing.

Root Canal Treatments will not be performed unless it is likely that the tooth in question can be restored to full health. Teeth that have been nurtured to full health with Root Canal Treatment are then restored with a Crown or Filling. In some cases Root Canal Treatment may not be appropriate and extraction may be the best option.

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