Root Canal Treatment

Good quality root canal treatment (Endodontics) is a key tool in saving teeth, preventing the spread of infection and paving the way for other types of restorative work.

Root canal treatment works by removing damaged nerves and pulp tissue and cleaning out all traces of bacteria before refilling the root with a beneficial artificial substance and sealing it. The treated tooth remains in situ and nourished by the surrounding tissues, providing a healthy foundation for better, longer-lasting repair work.

Root Canal Experts

At Neem Dental Clinic we have vast experience in:

  • Root canal consultation, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Root canal and re-root treatments
  • The placement of posts

Our Root to Confidence

At diagnosis, we take an X-ray of your tooth to check whether root canal treatment is absolutely necessary. The image will show how far any decay has spread, if there is an abscess and how many root canals are in your tooth. If you have a dead tooth, or one with severely damaged nerve, root canal treatment may be the only way to save and repair it. But the decision to go ahead is yours and we will carefully discuss all aspects with you – from initial anaesthetics to the final aesthetics.

Consultation & Referral

Patients can book a consultation directly with us, or be referred by a general practitioner dentist.