The fees listed are as a guide only – all private fees are subject to consultation. Treatment/appointment fees may cost more or less than stated based on surgery time, materials used, work involved etc. All proposed treatments will be discussed, consent obtained and estimate given before going ahead. If there are treatments that you are interested in that are not stated here please feel free to discuss them with your dentist who can inform you whether or not these are possible, and if they cannot be provided here we may be able to refer you to an appropriate provider.

Private Fee Guide

Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Initial consultation£40
Routine check up£40
Emergency consultation – includes assessment ,

x-rays and presciption ( late evenings and weekends)

Invisalign Consultation (Registered patients)Free
Invisalign Consultation (Non -Registered patients)£40

Access : You have the right of access to the data that we hold about you and to receive a copy. Any access request may be subject to a administration fees of £20 for computerised record (digital x-ray copies) or £50 (for those held manually or for computer-held records with non-computer radiographs). We will provide a copy of the record within 30 days of receipt of the request and fee (where payable) and an explanation of your record should you require it. Please ask our staff for more information.

Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Routine 30 minute Hygiene Visit (ideal when you have regular 6 monthly hygiene visits)£50
Extended 40 minute Hygiene Visit (suggested when its more than 6 months since last hygiene visit)£70
AirFlow Advanced Stain Removal System (Additional treatment to hygiene therapy that uses Air and sodium bicarbonate combined with a water jet to remove plaque and tartar fast and painlessly. Can help to reduce staining including from coffee, wine and tobacco)£20
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Silver fillingsFrom £80
White fillingsFrom £120
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Simple ExtractionsFrom £75
Difficult ExtractionsFrom £145
Dental Treatment with Dr Hannah Flynn (Special interest in Oral Surgery)Private Fee
Difficult ExtractionsFrom £295
Surgical ExtractionsFrom £395
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
IncisorsFrom £350
PremolarsFrom £450
MolarsFrom £550
Dental Treatment with Dr Meera Soneji  (Special interest in Endodontics)Private Fee
Root Canal – Incisor/PremolarFrom £600
Re – Root Canal – Incisor/PremolarFrom £700
Root Canal – MolarFrom £700
Re- Root Canal – MolarFrom £800
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Implant tooth replacement ( includes implant, screw + crown)From £2,250
2 implants to support a lower dentureFrom £4,500
Additional bone grafting if neededFrom £495
CBCT ScanFrom £195
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Partial acrylic denture (upper or lower only)
  1-3 teethFrom £400
  4-7 teethFrom £450
  8-14 teethFrom £550
Single full denture-acrylicFrom £600
Set of full dentures-acrylicFrom £1,000
Cobalt Chrome Partial DenturesFrom £900
Flexible DentureFrom £800
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Porcelain (fused to metal)From £500
All ceramic (non-metal)From £600
All metalFrom £400
Crown RecementFrom   £80
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Porcelain fused to metalFrom £450 / unit
All ceramic (no metal)From £600 / unit
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
Stain removal£50
Boutique Teeth Whitening (home kit)£295
Enlighten whitening (home kit)From £550
VeneersFrom £400
Dental Treatment

(Special Package Price)

Private Fee
Special Package Price (Invisalign, whitening and basic retainers)£3,300
+ Teeth Whitening£295
+ Fixed retainers£200/Arch
+ spare retainers (3 sets high strength vivera retainers)£250
+ edge bonding£200/Tooth
Dental TreatmentPrivate Fee
WhiteFrom £400
GoldFrom £550
Anti Wrinkle Injections (Botox)Private Fee
1 Area£175
2 Areas£230
3 Areas£260
additional areas (per area)£50
Dermal FillerPrivate Fee
Lips 0.5ml£200
Lips 1.0ml£275
Cheeks 1.0ml£350
Cheeks and Nasolabial fold£500
Marionette Lines£250
OtherPrivate Fee
Jaw Slimming£260
Nefertiti Neck Lift£300
Profhilo 2 treatments£550

Fee Guide