Temporary PPE Charges

Here at Neem Dental Clinic, we believe in complete transparency. We have spent most of the lockdown period ensuring we have all the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to ensure we are compliant with all legislation to keep all our patients and team safe.

Due to the cost of it, we have no option but to pass most of it onto our patients, hopefully only temporarily. We have separated it into 2 levels as advised by our regulatory bodies:

  • PPE Level 1: For procedures that do not generate any aerosols (non-AGP’s)
  • PPE Level 2: For procedures that do generate aerosols (AGP’s)

PPE Level 1: £5 per appointment

Includes: Enhanced fluid repellant surgical mask for clinician and nurse, splash-proof visors, aprons, new anti-viral cleaning products, mask for reception staff, mask for each patient.

PPE Level 2: £15 per appointment

As for Level 1 but also includes Filtering Face Piece 2 or 3 (FFP2/3) enhanced mask, surgical gowns, ant-viral misting solution used to clean down surgery after appointment

If, and when, the additional levels of safety are no longer required the charges will be removed.

We thank you for your understanding at this time


Management Team

Please note the above charges take into consideration both single-use and re-usable items and the VAT that we have to pay (but cannot charge patients for)

Dental Care and Approximate Treatment Costs

This is intended as a guide. Fees are dependent upon the time taken, the complexity of the treatment and the cost of the materials/laboratory work. We will give a written estimate to all patients before starting any major treatment.

We accept payments in cash, credit and debit cards.

Exam/check-up £30.00
Hygiene Clean £44 per visit
Deep Clean Subjected to discussion with the dentist/Hygienist
X-Ray (first 2 are Free) £6.50
FILLINGS (Tooth Coloured Fillings)  
White Filling (Anterior) From £60.00
White Filling (Posterior) From £80.00
Root fillings (front teeth) From £100.00
Root fillings (back teeth) From £200.00
Dentures (upper or lower partial, acrylic) From £300.00
Dentures (upper or lower full, acrylic) From £400.00
Flexi Dentures / Chrome Dentures Subjected to discussion with the dentist
Crowns: full gold crown From £300.00
Crowns: porcelain bonded From £400.00
Crowns: porcelain inlay From £400.00
Crowns: zerconia/e-max From £600.00
Veneers From £600.00
Recement From £50.00
Full cast post and core From £150.00
Bridge (porcelain bonded, per unit) From £400.00
Maryland Bridge per unit From £350.00
Temporary Bridge (lab made) From £150.00
Recement Bridge From £60.00
Extraction From £100.00
Surgical extraction (eg. wisdom teeth) From £200.00 (subjected to discussion with the dentist)
Emergency appointment From £40.00 (assessment only)
Root Canal Treatment (not Multirooted teeth) From £150.00
Multirooted teeth Subjected to discussion with the dentist
Tray whitening system £199
Chair site whitening Subjected to discussion with the dentist
Mouthguard or sportsgurad From £90