Dental Care and Approximate Treatment Costs

This is intended as a guide. Fees are dependent upon the time taken, the complexity of the treatment and the cost of the materials/laboratory work. We will give a written estimate to all patients before starting any major treatment.

We accept payments in cash, cheques, credit and debit cards.

Examinations £20.00
Scale and Polish £25.00
Fissure Sealants £25.00
Basic Periodontal Assessment & Hygiene Clean £44 per visit
Tooth Coloured Fillings from £60.00 (depending on extend of the cavity)
Amalgam Fillings from £30.00
Semi-Permanent Filling (GIC) from £30.00
Extractions from £50.00 (difficult extractions are subjected to discussion with the dentist. E.g. Surgical & Wisdom teeth extractions)
Root Canal Treatments (RCT) from £100.00 (multirooted teeth – RCT are subjected to discussion with the dentist)
Neem Band 1 £30 – Includes examination, simple scaling and X-rays if clinically required
Neem Band 2 £60 – Includes Band 1 + 1 Filling (Amalgam or simple tooth colour filling)
Neem Band 3 £260 – Includes Band 2 + Single arch acrylic partial denture or 1 Crown (Porcelain bonded non-precious metal or Non-precious metal)

* Terms and conditions

Only one private banding acceptable every 6 months.