A flexible denture adapts around the shape of the teeth and gums upon insertion and removal. Dental patients who struggle with their dentures as a result of irregularity in their mouth shape could benefit greatly from the flexible nature due to the fact that it adjusts to each individual.

Patients to do not need to worry about the denture feeling loose or dropping down during speech and a consequence they are hugely popular and well accepted.
The Valplast Flexible Partial is an unbreakable, removable partial that many people find very comfortable. These lightweight partials are practically invisible and eliminate the unsightly metal clasps.

Flexible dentures are very gentle on your gums. They’re also gentler on your gums because they don’t have metal hooks and clasps, and they don’t have any sharp, rigid edges. Flexible dentures are also less likely to be dislodged by chewing.

They are metal free and do not require any preparation of natural teeth. As they are significantly smaller than acrylic/metal dentures they allow the patient to speak without any difficulty.

The material is clear and allows the natural gum colour to show through. The plastic used is so strong that the partial made from it can be very thin, eliminating that heavy, bulky feeling that make wearing partials so unpleasant.
Dentures are a simple, effective and cost-effective way of solving the problem of missing teeth, and for most people are trouble free, and will stay comfortably in place.