What is a mini smile makeover?

It is a series of treatments designed to improve your smile in the minimally invasive way. Assessment starts with oral assessment and make it good health condition.

The first step would be to align the teeth to get them straight. Secondly a course of teeth whitening will be done to get your teeth to a lighter shade

Refresh your entire look with a Mini Smile Makeover from Neem dental clinic with ABC approach.

This quick and painless treatment which can be done in short period of time. Get your Simulation of how your teeth would look if all surface stains were blasted away, your teeth were reshaped to look straighter, neater and whiter.

A smile makeover involves one or more cosmetic techniques to align, brighten and correct. The result is a smile you won’t be able to resist showing to the world.

Once you’ve booked your appointment in with your dentist
We’ll bring you in, we’ll do a full examination including x rays and photographs of your teeth. Now once that’s all done and we’ve collected all the information. We present it to you on a computer and you got to see what plan we have in mind.

It’s super exciting because we do a simulation of how your teeth are going to look before you even start, you can see the simulation within a minute or less.
Straightening the teeth might just be one part of the smile. And another part of the smile could be things like whitening, or bonding, or minimal prep veneers.

So, we treat the smile as a whole. Furthermore, if you have gum disease or decay, we’re able to find out and treat before we start Invisalign journey. we’re here to guide you every step of the way.