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Implant retained Denture

May 4, 2023 | Affordable Private Dentist, Denture, Implant retained Denture

Implants are an versatile structure that can hold single crowns, bridges and even full dentures.

Dental implants secure the denture providing a natural-feeling alternative to traditional dentures that are hooked onto teeth or depend on suction for stability.

The strength and stability of implant retained dentures give you the ability to bite and chew with confidence and your speech appear more natural. They are easier to clean and maintain than removable dentures, allowing your overall health to benefit too.

Implants are more comfortable and stable than dentures- they will feel like your natural tooth

Poorly fitting dentures can move within the mouth making daily tasks such as eating, speaking and swallowing. If so the denture can adversely affect the tooth or teeth holding the denture in place or the gums.

Traditional Denture vs. Implant retained Denture

Traditional Denture

  • Loose and mobile- Slippage
  • Limited food choices
  • Reduces normal healthy digestion as the teeth are unable to crush your food as functionally as your natural teeth
  • Reduces bite force
  • Acrylic constantly in your mouth
  • Denture adhesive required to maintain good suction- Continual cost
  • Causes loss (thinning) of jawbone- jawbone shift
  • Increased mobility overtime
  • High maintenance- needs to be cleaned regularly at minimum every night

Implant retained Denture

  • Secure and confident smile
  • Enjoy your favorite foods- Aids normal bite force
  • Aids normal healthy digestion as you can chew and crush food normally
  • No denture adhesive required
  • Implant provides stimulation to jaw bone to maintain jaw density and slows signs of aging caused by jaw bone loss, for example., sunken cheeks, jaw shift.
  • Provides long-term stability. ‘Snap-in’ ‘Snap-off” function
  • No adjustment period- you can start smiling, eating and speaking as usual
  • Better value for money- higher longevity , comfort, function and appearance.
  • Implant structure is multi-functional and can be used for single crowns or bridges if the patients chooses to go for a more permanent method of replacing teeth.

PROCEDURE for Implant Retained Denture

Dental implant treatment can take 3-6 months from start to end.

We assess your oral health and determine what the best course of action is for you by examining your teeth, gum and jaw bone health. Our patients are assured of the available options and we incorporate a fully customised treatment plan and details costings so there are no surprises at the end.

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