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Do you have gaps in between your front teeth? Many adults have open gingival embrasures (black triangles) or gaps between their two front teeth.

Nov 26, 2022 | Diastema Closure

The cause may be due to recession of the gum line, bone loss or movement of the teeth. The gaps and the dark spaces that they cause can make your teeth look old and can reduce the impact of your smile. Gaps between teeth are also prone to plaque build-up as they can allow food to get trapped there.

Is it necessary to fix spaces between my teeth?

First, you might be wondering if it’s actually necessary to correct such gaps. There are plenty of people who famously have gaps in their teeth. However, there are several reasons, apart from aesthetic preference, why you should consider treatment for spaces between teeth.

1. Difficulty Chewing – When there is excessive gap between adjacent teeth, food tends to slip into these spaces. Because of this, food is much more likely to be trapped for long periods of time, risking infections, cavities and gum problems.

2. Speech Problems – You’ve probably noticed that gaps in your teeth (particularly your two front teeth) can cause a change in your voice. This is because air passes between these gaps, resulting in “whistling sounds.” If you’re doing a lot of public speaking, this might be an unwelcome experience!

3. Spitting – Another problem with having a diastema is the occasional spitting which occurs during speech. The reason behind this is that saliva flows through these gaps, causing you to spit whenever you speak.

4. It May Get Worse – Probably the worst thing about having a diastema is that, over time, it may get worse. Your teeth will shift as you get older, and having spaces between teeth makes them much more likely to move in unpredictable ways, and faster.

What is Diastema Closure?

Diastema Closure is the process of closing the gap between the front teeth. The simplest method for doing this is to use composite filling material. This composite material is shade matched and bonded to the teeth. This is a very simple non invasive treatment, without using needles and drilling any of the healthy tooth, and it is completely reversible. The composite material is shaped and polished by your dentist to give a very natural result.

The photos below show two of our patients who received this treatment combined with our teeth whitening service. This lady had been unhappy with this gap for many years and didn’t think that anything could be done to improve her smile. She was extremely pleased with the results.

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Dr. V. Ananthasayanan
Dr. Ananthasayanan qualified from Sheffield University. Mr. Sayanan has over 40 years of experience in dental practice. His special interests are advanced cosmetic dentistry include, Veneers, Crown and bridgework, Composite bonding, modern removable dentures and root canal therapy.

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